O2O Payment Tutorial / O2O 支付教学

  1. Select the cards that you wish to purchase and click “BUY NOW” to purchase.


  2. Select the Quantity and Denomination that you wish to purchase then click on “ADD TO CART” Button.


  3. If you wish to buy more or reduce your purchase order, you can select the “+” or “-“ button below. You can also delete your order by clicking on the dustbin button. Once you’ve confirmed your order, click on the “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” Button.

    若您想增加或减少购买数量,您可选择下方的“+”或“ - ”按钮。您也可通过点击垃圾桶按钮删除您的订单。确认您的选项后,点击“结账”按钮。

  4. Check your total amount and select your payment channel.


  5. Once you’ve selected your preferred payment method, click on the “CHECK OUT” Button, or you can click on the “CONTINUE SHOPPING” Button to continue shopping.


  6. If you’ve selected to pay via O2O LR, you will be directed to the mmall O2O sign in page as shown below. Fill up your login details and click on submit.

    若您已选择通过O2O LR忠诚消费点方式付款,您将会进入如下图所示的O2O LR 忠诚消费平台登录页面。请填写您的登录资料,点击提交。

  7. Once you’ve signed in, your payment details will be as shown below.


  8. Click on the blue “tick” button to confirm your payment for purchase. A processing message will pop up once you click on the button. Do not refresh page in order to ensure successful transaction.


  9. Once your order is successful, a green message that shows “your order is successful” will, pop up. If you receive a “Payment Fail” message, please check if you have enough credit for the purchase or please contact the mmall O2O customer service.

    一旦您成功完成下单,页面将弹出“订单成功”的绿色通知信息。若您收到“订单失败”的通知信息,请检查您是否拥有足够余额购买商品或请联系O2O LR 忠诚消费平台客服中心寻求帮助。

  10. If your order is successful, you can get your purchase details by clicking the “View Your Order” Button or the “Order History” in “My Account”.