Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further enquiries, please email to:

  1. Who should I contact if I have a query in regards to the voucher code listed on

    A: Please email to: or Wechat (ID: mbjf555/gvcssupport) to send us any enquiries.

  2. Why can't purchase any voucher& account not verified

    A: Please email to: or Wechat (ID: mbjf555/gvcssupport) to verifier your account

  3. How and when will I be able to receive my voucher code?

    A. Once you’ve successfully purchased your voucher code, you will be able to retrieve them via your order history. The voucher code will be sent to you instantaneously upon purchase is successful.

  4. Is it possible for me to trace back my voucher code if I’ve lost/forget them?

    A. Yes, you may refer back to your order history to obtain your voucher code.

  5. Is there an expiry date/validity period for the voucher code?

    A. Yes, the expiration date is shown below the code. Please make sure you check the item’s description before you proceed with purchase.

  6. Where can I use the voucher code?

    A. The voucher code can only be utilized at its designated site. You may find out more by reading the description of the item.

  7. What happens if I did not receive my voucher code after I’ve successfully purchased it?

    A. Please report it to our email: Our customer service operators will revert to you during our operational hours. Please ensure that you make your report within 3 days upon your purchase.

  8. Is there any restriction on the usage of the voucher code?

    A. Please refer to the T&C found at the footer of each page.

  9. Can I cancel my order and get refunded upon successful purchase?

    A. No cancellation, exchange and refund are allowed upon successful purchase.

  10. . What if the voucher code expires?

    A. . No renewal or expiry dates request would be entertained. However, please take note that the expiration date is shown below the code. (Please use within 2 days after purchase, Official will not reimburse, compensate or otherwise be held responsible for any lost, stolen, damaged or expired vouchers code).

  11. Can I present my purchased e-pins to a third party?

    A. All voucher code is not transferable, self-acceptance of consequences. We will not be responsible for anything.